Hotel Monaco DC wedding photos by top DC wedding planner Bellwether Events

Hotel Monaco DC Wedding Cost: How Much Should I Budget?

I am back with another wedding cost breakdown for a super popular wedding venue in DC: Hotel Monaco, a Kimpton property. I love this hotel. The staff is so helpful and friendly. The ballroom are really nice. The location of the wedding suite is well located to the event space.

Hotel weddings are convenient because they include a lot of things and can take some decision-making off your plate if you so choose. The tables, chairs, linens, and tabletop pieces all live there, and you can roll with those items if you like. This can make it hard to compare the costs of a hotel wedding to a wedding at an off-site venue. I hope you find this examination helpful.

If you want to see more sample wedding budgets for popular DC wedding venues, I’ve previously written about Decatur House wedding costs, DAR wedding costs, Woodend Sanctuary wedding costs and Meridian House wedding costs.

These budgets are meant as a guide, to give you an idea of what to expect with pricing in the DC wedding market. Certainly you can spend more on your priorities and find places to spend less on areas that are less important to you.

Hotel Monaco DC Wedding Budget Sample

This is based on the information I received from the hotel in early 2020. I selected the lower level menu package but the higher level bar package, as I think that is what most couples would do. When you add up the first four lines of this budget, the costs from the hotel are 45.7% of the total budget. This does not include any upgrades like specialty cocktails, late-night snacks, and additional menu items.

The menu package includes a three-course meal, which often includes a dessert, so you could eliminate the wedding cake here. I included separate line items for upgraded chairs and linens. The hotel can coordinate this for you, but if you do it yourself (or have your planner do it!) it will likely be more cost-effective.

I gave you a healthy budget for photography and videography, but you could go higher or lower. I prefer a DJ at Hotel Monaco if your ceremony is also there. The band set up can conflict with the timing of your ceremony, and may take space away from guest seating for the ceremony.

A lot of the weddings I have done at Hotel Monaco were Jewish weddings, so I included a separate line item for the traditional items that you may need.

If you have questions about anything you see here, please reach out!

Hotel Monaco DC Wedding Ceremonies

Hotel Monaco Washington DC wedding ceremony
Connor Studios

Above, a unique wedding set up where the couple wanted a backdrop. So we installed drape that the wedding party processed from the main doors and then we closed the drapes for the ceremony. We had to open it back up for the recessional.

Below, a more typical wedding ceremony set up at Hotel Monaco. Here we see a suspended chuppah to allow for better sightlines for the wedding guests, with delicate threads of hanging flowers and candles instead of the traditional 4 chuppah poles. We used floral arrangements on pillars to better mark the ceremony aisle (and we used those florals on the dinner tables later.)

hotel monaco dc wedding ceremony chuppah
Kurstin Roe
Hotel Monaco wedding ceremony chuppah
Susie and Becky Photography

Above you see a large chuppah set up in the Athens Ballroom. For this wedding, we had the cocktail hour first, in the Paris Ballroom, then guests went to Athens for the ceremony. After the ceremony, guests walked back to Athens, where we had flipped the room for dinner. We did need to ensure that the staff and vendors had a full hour for the flip, so we delayed the start of the ceremony by a few minutes.

Hotel Monaco DC Wedding Receptions

Hotel Monaco DC wedding reception gold
Susie and Becky Photography
Hotel Monaco DC wedding by top DC wedding planner Bellwether Events
Kurstin Roe

Above you see ghost chairs and chivari chairs rented for the wedding reception. The chivari chairs run from $7-10 each, plus you can assume about $250 in delivery fees. The ghost chairs are about double the costs of the chivaris.

Below you will see the banquet chairs that live at the Hotel Monaco. In the bottom photo the chairs look darker, but it is just a feature of photo editing.

Hotel Monaco DC wedding photos by top DC wedding planner Bellwether Events
hotel monaco dc wedding reception pink and white
Susie and Becky Photography

I hope you have found this post about Hotel Monaco DC wedding costs helpful to your wedding planning. If you have any questions for me, about the Hotel Monaco or any other DC-area venue, please email me. I would love to help you cut down the learning curve that is wedding budgets! You can also fill out this form and I will send you a rough budget custom to your specifications!