The Line DC wedding hotel

The Line Hotel Wedding Cost

We have planned weddings at the Line Hotel in DC four times since 2021. A turnkey venue like a hotel is often more cost-efficient than a special event venue where everything can be brought in. However, hotel fees can be confusing. Especially when you are in the early wedding planning phase and trying to compare different venues. You must know which fees will have service charges and taxes added to them.

The Line Hotel DC wedding costs

I’ve provided the information for this hotel wedding budget in a slightly different way than usual from my other sample wedding budget posts. I wanted to point out how much of a chunk of the budget the hotel was taking. For 150 people, with a rental of Vela (the roof), you are in for a minimum of $56K, and just over half of the total wedding budget. Therefore I think it would be challenging to have a wedding on the roof for 150 guests at The Line DC for less than $85K.

The Line Hotel Wedding Ceremony

We have done a wedding ceremony in many but not all of the venue options available at The Line. The roof is the most popular, followed by the Carina Room. I’m very interested in planning a gorgeous and intimate ceremony on the Mezzanine in front of those gorgeous windows. I also think Banneker or the Banneker foyer could be used for a wedding ceremony if needed.

The Carina Room is limited to 150 seated guests. And the Roof can accommodate a little bit more than that. The small wedding ceremony we had on the side wing of the roof had about 65 seats. For that wedding we also had the cocktail hour on the roof. If you are going to pay over $12,000 for access to the roof, I think it should be for cocktail hour, when your guests can fully enjoy the space. If you have a petite wedding, you could do both the ceremony and the cocktail hour on the roof. But if you have 75+ guests, I don’t recommend having both the ceremony and the cocktail hour on the roof.

The Line Hotel Wedding Budget Sample

The Line DC Hotel wedding sample budget

Here is the full sample wedding budget for the Line Hotel in DC. You’ve already seen part of it, showing just the hotel costs. But here I’ve added in some must-haves like photography and entertainment; and some nice-to-haves like lighting, chair and linen rentals. I included a line item for cake here because I’m not sure if the Line is going to continue to include cake in their menus — the baker they used to use has closed up shop.

The Line Hotel Wedding Reception

Your dinner reception is almost always in Banneker. There are music restrictions on the roof, which keeps dancing inside. I have seen gorgeous receptions set up in Carina but I’m not certain that anyone has danced in there. Below is what my wedding reception floor plans for Banneker have often looked like at the Line in DC. The Line creates the floor plan for their clients, and they number the tables. The tables are 66-inches in diameter, so they can hold up to 11 people at the very max. The Line does not have the wider rectangular tables that are best suited for a long head table, so my clients typically rent those.

Photos above by: Kurstin Roe, Astrid, Connor Studios, and Megan Lee.

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