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How To Plan a Home Wedding in Washington D.C.

You’re dreaming of a sophisticated, unique wedding that speaks to your personality and your love story. And the perfect venue? It may be right in your backyard.

But hosting a wedding at home isn’t for the faint of heart; be prepared to run into challenges with Mother Nature, permitting, landscaping, and more. You’re going to need a guide, and there’s no one better suited to the task than Washington, D.C. area wedding planner Janice Carnevale of Bellwether Events, who specializes in home weddings.

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“Janice knows EVERYTHING you need to pull off a backyard wedding. She knows the ins and outs of generators, tents, tent floors, bathroom trailers, and all the subtle things that aren’t necessarily sexy but which you NEED to pull off a functional event in your backyard. Our event was amazing and perfect largely thanks to Janice’s organizational skills.”


About the Author

I’m Janice Carnevale (she/her), and I love sinking my teeth into a good challenge. And in the wedding planning world — which I’ve worked in since 2006 as the owner and lead wedding planner behind Bellwether Events in Washington, D.C. — there is no greater challenge than planning a backyard wedding. Weddings are already emotional, but add the unique aspects of private property and family dynamics into the mix, and you’re bound to run into some hurdles. But it doesn’t have to be difficult — especially when you have my expert advice in your back pocket. I hope that my book, “The Elegant At-Home Wedding,” brings some ease to your home wedding planning process.

Janice Carnevale - Washington DC wedding planner with Bellwether Events
“Janice is absolutely incredible! She made the planning so much easier and streamlined for us as we planned our country home venue wedding. Our wedding day had a lot of moving parts but I wasn’t burdened with any of the details — she handled it all expertly!”


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Frequently Asked Questions


Weddings are deeply sentimental, and so are homes, so it makes sense that many couples consider home the perfect place to get married. Whether you’re planning to tie the knot on the lawn at your parents’ estate, next to the lake at your country home, or among the grapes at a neighbor’s family vineyard, a wedding on a private property can be incredibly charming and hold so much purpose. It can also be incredibly challenging, with many logistics most couples haven’t considered. That’s why D.C. area wedding planner Janice Carnevale wrote “The Elegant At-Home Wedding” — to guide couples through the home wedding planning process. 


“The Elegant At-Home Wedding” is a 92-page eBook delivered digitally. Just submit your email and name using the form below, and you’ll instantly get an email with a link to download the PDF for the eBook.


Bellwether Events specializes in home wedding planning. Our eBook covers all of the details you’ll need to consider: evaluating the property; the spaces you’ll need for your wedding events and for your wedding professionals to work; fundamentals such as tenting, flooring, electricity, lighting, restrooms, and transportation; navigating local ordinances; planning for the weather; and general wedding planning tips such as sample budgets and timelines. 


Absolutely — Bellwether Events specializes in planning elegant home weddings. We’re based in the Washington D.C. area, but love to travel for backyard weddings, too. Reach out to us to inquire about your wedding date. 

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