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The Elegant At-Home Wedding

The Elegant At-Home Wedding Ebook by Janice Carnevale

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The Elegant At-Home Wedding

A Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Hosting a Sophisticated Wedding… Right in Your Own Backyard

by Janice Carnevale

Janice Carnevale, owner of Washington DC area wedding planning company Bellwether Events, is the author of this complete guide to planning a wedding or special event at your home. First published in 2013, The Elegant At-Home Wedding is a 92 page e-book packed full of everything you need to know about hosting a sophisticated and meaningful event right in your own backyard. This guide features at-home wedding case studies from real weddings at-home, pictures and floor plans, sample timelines, tips for tips for staying on budget, common pitfalls and avoidable mistakes, suggestions for creating a memorable guest experience and so much more! Regarded throughout the industry as a trusted resource, Janice’s at-home wedding guide is the perfect starting place for those considering a wedding at home, and those looking to execute a wedding at a private home with style and ease.