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Etsy Wedding Ideas: The 2020 Design Awards

Who hasn’t scoured Etsy for wedding ideas? It’s a weekly occurrence for me.

Since I became an Etsy affiliate (this means I get paid a small commission when you click the below links and buy something from Etsy within 30 days) I’ve been introduced to the Etsy Design Awards and boy oh boy are they amazing. Let’s be honest – there is a lot of, how do I say this tactfully, things on Etsy that do not interest me. And even if it might interest me, the photos are so bad, I skip right over it when I’m scrolling. Because when I’m scrolling, I’m usually looking at 30+ pages as quickly as possible.

But the Etsy Design Awards never disappoint. Here were the best wedding ideas from the Etsy Design Awards in 2019. Below you can find all my favorite wedding ideas from the 2020 Etsy Design Awards!

Wedding Dresses, Suits, and Veils from Etsy

etsy wedding idea: lavender boho gown

Give me all the wedding dresses in color, including this unique lavender boho gown.

etsy wedding idea: white linen bridal suit

There has long been a dearth of suit options for women to wear to their weddings. Luckily, this trend is changing and I was thrilled to see Etsy include this White Linen Pants Suit in the wedding section.

etsy wedding idea: backless lace wedding gown

Don’t miss this Backless Lace Wedding Dress. The front is just as beautiful.

etsy wedding idea:  celestial wedding gown

How about a Celestial Wedding Dress – wouldn’t this be perfect for a New Year’s Eve wedding?

etsy wedding idea: Pearl Beaded Juliet Cap Cathedral Veil with a Gilded Ivory Crystal Floral Headpiece

I recently had a client ask me if it was “ok” to buy a veil on Etsy. After seeing this Pearl Beaded Juliet Cap Cathedral Veil with a Gilded Ivory Crystal Floral Headpiece, my answer is: yes, it sure is.

etsy wedding idea: smocked pale blue getaway brunch dress

How about this smocked pale blue mini dress for a Sunday brunch after your wedding day? Or your honeymoon departure!

Wedding Jewelry

etsy wedding idea:  domed ring with ten triangular diamonds

A Dome Ring with Ten Triangular Diamonds. Engagement ring, wedding band, right hand ring – I don’t care, give it to me!

etsy wedding idea: gold and pearl statement earrings

Consider these Gold and Pearl Statement Earrings – for the bride(s) or the bridesmaids.

etsy wedding idea: ombre gemstone stacking ring

How about this Ombre Stacking Ring with Raw Gemstones – an amazingly unique engagement ring or wedding gift.

Wedding Stationery Ideas

etsy wedding idea:  minimalist hand torn wedding invitation

A Minimalist and Hand-torn wedding invitation. I can’t get over how beautiful this is and how I’ve never seen anything like it.

etsy wedding idea: laser cut art gift - vows

How about Laser Cut Art with Wedding Vows . I love this as a wedding gift, but you could also use this with a Ketubah.

etsy wedding idea: custom pet cocktail napkins
etsy wedding idea:

You can’t go wrong with Custom Pet Cocktail Napkins. Because every wedding should have cocktail napkins with the couple’s pet on them.

etsy wedding idea:  custom illustrated guest place card

Custom Illustrated Guest Place Card – this might be excessive for a large wedding, but for a micro wedding, or bridal brunch, it is perfect.

etsy wedding idea: mini piñata champagne bottles

These Mini Piñata Champagne Bottles are perfect for a bachelorette party! I have a lot of ideas for bachelorette parties, BTW.