19 Christmas and Hanukkah Ideas

Christmas and Hanukkah Decor and More

I must admit, I am proud of myself, getting this Christmas and Hanukkah Decor post live before Thanksgiving. This is my first post on this theme, so I don’t have an old post to link back to. But if you want to get a jump on February, I’ve got some cool Valentine’s Decor Ideas for you.

Hanukkah Ideas

I am not Jewish and have never celebrated Hanukkah but many of my friends do, and when I saw these cool Hanukkah ideas, I wanted to showcase them here alongside the Christmas ideas!

hanukkah gift idea - 60 ideas for kids activities on wooden coins

60 ideas for kids activities for Hanukah

hanukkah gift idea - stencil for donuts

Stencils for Hanukkah donuts. I love donuts.

modern, white menorah - Hannukah Decor

A beautiful modern menorah.

gold dinosaur menorah - Hannukah Decor

A gold dinosaur menorah. Because why not?

44 beeswax candles for Hanukkah

44 Beeswax Menorah Candles.

blue, silver and white felt ball garland - Hannukah Decor

Blue, Silver and White Garland for Hanukkah. This is simple and timeless Hanukkah Decor

beautiful blue marbled gift wrap, Hanukkah wrapping paper

Blue Marble Hanukkah Wrapping Paper. This is so timeless to me.

Christmas Decor and Accessories

Christmas is the one time of year I decorate all over the house. And while I already have too much stuff and purge a little bit each year (because I buy new stuff each year, let’s be honest) I just had to share these great Etsy finds.

Colorful and gold leaf glass ball Christmas Ornaments  - Christmas Decor

Multicolored gold leaf glass ball Christmas ornaments

dried flower filled glass ball Christmas Ornament - Christmas Decor

Dried flower Christmas ornament bulb.

vintage peacock Christmas ornament - clip on - Christmas Decor

Vintage peacock ornament. I love old ornaments that clip onto your Christmas tree.

white porcelain set of Christmas ornaments  - Christmas Decor

White Porcelain Christmas Ornament set.

Scandinavian minimalist wooden Christmas tree - Christmas Decor

Wooden Christmas Tree. A real Charlie Brown set up. But actually, I love this Scandinavian design.

Vintage mushroom horn sled - Christmas Decor

Vintage mushroom horn sled. For people who have lots of space for holiday decor 11 months of the year.

Swedish Tomte - Christmas gnomes  - Christmas Decor

Swedish Tomte: Christmas Gnomes. I love these little guys and I have one of my own. The Tomte are the Swedish version of Santa Claus.

wired word tree topper - custom -  - Christmas Decor

Star Tree Topper. I’m obsessed. This shop has a bunch of great options, and you can create a custom design too.

Modern Christmas wreath.

Yule Got This - Fully Colorful Christmas Sweatshirt Jumper

Yule Got This sweatshirt. It’s 2020. A rainbow Christmas pun sweatshirt is what you need.

Christmas Activities and Crafts

Being cooped up indoors to avoid the plague, I found a few cool Christmas activities to pass the time this holiday season!

Stylish hygge hanging advent calendar  - Christmas Decor

Stylish Hygge hanging advent calendar.

DIY Felt Christmas Forest Kit - kids craft activity

DIY Felt Christmas Forest Kit.

DIY socking Decoration kit - kids craft activity

DIY Stocking Decoration Kit.

Come back later for many many more gift guides. And if you need to shop now, I recommend the Etsy Christmas Shop.

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