Amazing Wedding Items from the Etsy Design Awards

Updated: OMG don’t miss the 2020 Etsy Design Award Finalists!

The Etsy Design Awards are Etsy’s first-ever global award program. Honoring the work of creatives from around the world, #TheEtsies will highlight the best of Etsy and celebrate the talented people behind the winning products.

Selected from thousands of entries received from around the world, 160 global finalists are in the running for the $15,000 USD Grand Prize or the top prize in one of five categories: Inventive Decor, Signature Style, Festive Celebrations, Earth-Friendly, and Creative Collaborations. 

Look, there are some things on Etsy that are, how shall we say, interesting. But I took some time to look at the finalists, and wow, are there some amazing, beautiful and truly creative items. Here are some of my favorites, which you can incorporate into your wedding!

Wedding Planning Ideas

etsy wedding idea custom proposal book

This is a custom book featuring your own story in it and a place to secure an engagement ring when you are ready to pop the question. Even better, the book is upcycled from a French antique.

Shop this Etsy wedding idea: a Custom Engagement Proposal Book

etsy wedding idea gender neutral wedding planner

This is a beautifully designed wedding planning notebook that is completely gender neutral. Perfect not only for LGBTQ couples, but also straight couples who live their lives with equality in mind.

Shop this Etsy wedding idea: a gender neutral wedding planner

etsy wedding idea modern origami wedding invitation

This wedding invitation knocked my socks off. Imagine for a moment how excited you would be to get this invitation in the mail? You would be immediately counting the days until that wedding!

Shop this Etsy wedding idea: modern origami wedding invitation

etsy wedding idea custom illustration

You could use a custom illustration on your website, on a save the date, or even on your invitation!

Shop this Etsy wedding idea: custom portrait illustration

etsy wedding idea DIY flower press book

If there is a flower lover in your life, pick this up for them right now. Talk about the most beautiful scrapbook possible.

Shop this Etsy wedding idea: DIY flower press book

Engagement and Wedding Ring Ideas

etsy wedding idea diamond engagement ring

A classic look with conflict-free stones. Can’t go wrong!

Shop this Etsy wedding idea: diamond engagement ring

etsy wedding idea family tree ring

I love this “family tree” ring not only for the union that involve children, but also it is a beautiful design for the nontraditional ring-wearer!

Shop this Etsy wedding idea: Unique Family Tree Ring

etsy wedding idea diamond and gold band

I love these sleek bands that at first glance look pretty simple until you realize the stones are in Morse Code! This is better than an engraving on the inside!

Shop this Etsy wedding idea: diamond and gold ring with morse code

etsy wedding idea rose gold organic band

Just beautiful. I have nothing else to add a bout these wedding bands!

Shop this Etsy wedding idea: organic rose gold band

Bridal and Wedding Attire and Accessory Ideas

etsy wedding idea casual jumpsuit

This jumper looks so comfortable, I want to buy it immediately and wear it every day. It would be great for a casual bridal shower or ladies brunch.

Shop this Etsy wedding idea: Linen jumpsuit

etsy wedding idea boho wedding dress

You’ve got to click through to at least see the stunning back of this boho wedding dress!

Shop this Etsy wedding idea: boho wedding dress

etsy wedding idea iridescent earrings

Statement earrings aren’t going anywhere, so consider these for your wedding day!

Shop this Etsy wedding idea: iridescent earrings

etsy wedding idea floral crowns

Skip the veil or bejeweled tiara and consider these romantic floral crowns and combs!

Shop this Etsy wedding idea: boho floral combs

etsy wedding idea shaggy black tiara

For the Game Of Thrones-inspired couples out there, I love this shaggy leather diadem!

Shop this Etsy wedding idea: black tiara

Wedding Ceremony Ideas

etsy wedding idea custom painted backdrop

A custom painted backdrop is what you need at your wedding. Use it for your ceremony, or your sweetheart table, or your photo booth or your dessert buffet!

Shop this Etsy wedding idea: custom painted backdrop

etsy wedding idea giant flower arch

By far, my favorite of the finalists. These giant foam flowers are jaw-dropping and I would LOVE to use them at a wedding ASAP! And frankly, the price was more than reasonable!

Shop this Etsy wedding idea: giant flower wedding arch

etsy wedding idea rainbow wall hanging

An art piece that you can later hang in your home – that is a budget-conscious idea that I love! Hang it for your ceremony, or behind your sweetheart table or use it as a photo booth back drop.

Shop this Etsy wedding idea: rainbow wall hanging

etsy wedding idea macrame wall  hanging

Like the rainbow wall hanging above, but more boho and less colorful. I still love it. Give me all the macrame.

Shop this Etsy wedding idea: macrame wall hanging

etsy wedding idea laser cut ketubah

I was so glad to see this ketubah in the design awards. You must click through to see all the detailing on the piece!

Shop this Etsy wedding idea: laser cut ketubah

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