6 killer halloween wreath ideas

6 Cool Halloween Wreaths

I love wreaths. Which is hilarious because I don’t own any. I get a green one every December and I put a red bow on it. But I love to see what other people do, and I love creative wreaths for all seasons. I just ordered a special Holiday wreath from a favorite florist, but I wanted to see what was out there for Halloween wreaths. And Etsy has a few great options!

black feather halloween wreath - witch wreath

First up, a couple of witchy options. I like that these are more modern in style and design. Shop this Halloween Wreath: Black Feather Witch Wreath

modern halloween wreath - witch's hat

Shop this Halloween Wreath: Modern Witch Hat Wreath

rustic burlap pumpkin - halloween wreath

I am by no means a rustic, burlap person, but the wreaths above and below are well done. Shop this Halloween Decor: Burlap Pumpkin Wreath

black and white BOO! ghost - halloween wreath

Shop this Halloween Decor: Black and White Boo Ghost

black and white halloween wreath - jack skellington

I’ve never actually seen A Nightmare Before Christmas, but it is on my Disney+ watchlist, so I’ll try to get to it soon! Shop this Wreath: Black and White Jack Skellington Wreath

burlap halloween wreath - nightmare before Christmas harry potter sorting hat

When I saw this, I immediately thought it was the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter. But I guess it might also be from A Nightmare Before Christmas! Shop this Halloween Wreath: Sorting Hat Wreath

What do you do to decorate for Halloween? We (OK, I) go nuts with the funky pumpkins but that’s usually about it. I have some skeleton animals but I don’t put them outside for fear that they might wander away from my townhouse.

I also did a post on Valentine’s Day wreaths and on Thanksgiving Decor if you are looking to build out your holiday decor inventory. Want more gift ideas? I have you covered. Some of the above product links are affiliate-connected and purchasing through these links helps to support the blog.