DAR DC wedding dusty rose bridesmaid dresses

2019 Weddings: Bridesmaid Dresses

wedding family photo - shades of pink attire - washington DC
Eli Turner Studios

First up, (above) not bridesmaid dresses, but rather a couple who opted to not have a wedding party, but did a FABULOUS job coordinating their family’s attire for the wedding portraits. How chic does this group look? I’m in love. If you can swing this with at least your immediate family, why wouldn’t you?!

Dusty rose and pale lavender are still popular colors for bridesmaid gowns.

dusty lavender bridesmaid gowns - Washington DC DAR wedding
Kurstin Roe
lavender bridesmaid gowns - Veritas Vineyards wedding
Jodi and Kurt
lavender bridesmaid gowns - Woodend Sanctuary wedding
Erin Kelleher

Something Blue: Bridesmaid Gowns

Does anyone look bad in light blue? I’m honestly asking. I have blue eyes, so I wear a lot of blue as it is. But all of these ladies look fabulous in their blue bridesmaid dresses.

mismatched pale dusty blue bridesmaid dresses - Riverside on the Potomac wedding - Leesburg, Virginia, Loudoun VA
Kurstin Roe
pale blue bridesmaid gowns - Decatur House wedding - Washington DC
Whole Heart Studios
pale blue bridesmaid gowns - Washington DC wedding - Fairmont Hotel
Freed Photography
light gray bridesmaid dresses - Tranquility Farm - Purcellville Virginia, Loudoun VA
Plume Photography

Jewel-Tones: Bridesmaid Dresses

I saw these bridesmaid dresses in the spring, summer and fall! Having a rich -colored hue of dress will immediately elevate the formality of the fashion, especially if the dresses are full length.

teal bridesmaid gowns - Spring church wedding ceremony
Wolfcrest Photography
mismatched emerald green bridesmaid dresses - Meridian House DC wedding
Procopio Photography
mismatched burgundy bridesmaid dresses - DAR Washington DC wedding
Genevieve Leiper

Above, that is not the groom, that is a bridesman! His bowtie matched the bridesmaid dresses. There was also a groomsmaid in this wedding party – she also wore a burgundy gown.

mismatched burgundy bridesmaid dresses - private estate at home backyard wedding Virginia
Matt Schmachtenberg

Bridesmaid robes aren’t going away, and if you want a photo in them, it should be a part of the timeline, because it will have to be after hair & make up is completed, but before anyone can start to get dress (obvi.) The overall impact on this decision is an earlier start to the hair and make up schedule.

blush ivory white bridesmaid robes - Virginia wedding
Wolfcrest Photography

If you like looking at photos of bridesmaid gowns, you are in luck. Here are my round ups of 2018 bridesmaid dresses, 2017 bridesmaid attire, 2016 bridesmaid dresses and 2015 bridesmaid fashion.

And if you want to see more from my 2019 weddings, I’ve already written about cakes, men’s attire, bouquets, shoes, and wedding data.