bride and groom - boho funky - green shoes

2019 Weddings: Real Shoes

bride and groom real wedding shoes - funky and boho
Matt Schmachtenberg

2019 was really all about the white wedding shoe. Kind of a bummer for someone color-obsessed, like me, but I do totally get it – my clients are generally very classic.

You really like looking at wedding shoes? Do I have good news for you: here are my 2018 wedding shoes, my 2017 shoes, my 2016 wedding shoes and my 2015 shoes.

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Fall real wedding shoes - white lace with ankle tie
Procopio Photography
real wedding shoes - white bridal sandals
Kurstin Roe
real wedding shoes - white bridal sandals
Kurstin Roe
real wedding shoes - white bridal TOMS
Wolfcrest Photography

What little color we did get in bridal shoes this year mostly came in the way of neutrals and metallics.

real wedding shoes - blush nude bridal sandals
Plume Photography
real wedding shoes - nude bejeweled bridal sandals
Jodi and Kurt
silver strappy sandals - real wedding shoes - bridal
Erin Kelleher
real wedding shoes - gold bridal sandals
Genevieve Leiper
real wedding shoes - silver glitter keds bridal sandals
Genevieve Leiper

No blue bridal shoes this year! It is kind of a shock. But this couple, of course my funky-LA-actor-couple, had the best shoes (apologies to all my other couples.) She wore these green sandals and he had custom leopard Chuck Taylors not only for himself, but for the whole groom’s party. (You can see those pics in a post to come.)

real wedding shoes - green boho bridal shoes
Matt Schmachtenberg
real wedding shoes - custom leopard Chuck Taylors groom
Matt Schmachtenberg