Bridesmaid Dresses | 2017 Round Up

I love taking a macro look at the end of the year at all the bridesmaid dresses at my weddings. To be honest I don’t pay them much mind on the wedding day, my focus is on so many other things, but doing a round up like this helps me stay on top of recent trends. Gray wasy super popular this year. You will see 8 photos here, the 2 weddings not seen here also had gray bridesmaid dresses. Also of note, about half of the bridesmaid dresses don’t have matching necklines, which I think is really nice. Only one bride, who married in early June, went with short bridesmaid dresses – everyone else went with long dresses. I think the dress length has a lot to do with DC being a pretty traditional and formal area, and the wedding attire reflects that.


gray bridesmaid dress

Silver Bridesmaid Dress at The Anderson House in DC. Photo by Sincereli

 blue bridesmaid dresses

Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses at Riverside on the Potomac. Photo by AE Landes

gray bridesmaid dresses

Long Gray Bridesmaid Dresses for a Private Estate Wedding in Virginia. Photo by Lisa Boggs

mint green bridesmaid dresses

Mint Green Bridesmaid Dresses at The Alexandrian Hotel. Photo by Jennifer Gulley

gray lavender bridesmaid dresses

Pale Lavender Bridesmaid Dresses at DAR in DC. Photo by Kurstin Roe 

 pink, mauve, burgundy bridesmaid dresses

Pink and Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses at a Private Home in Virginia. Photo by Heather Ryan

gray bridesmaid dresses

Various Gray Bridesmaid Dresses at the Hotel Monaco DC. Photo by Red October

blue teal bridesmaid dresses

Teal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses at the Hay-Adams Hotel. Photo by Steve and Jane

Another thing to note are all the bridesmaid bouquets. Most are neutrals, some mixed with pastels. Only a couple were bright colors. While I love a good neutral bouquet, I’m always hoping for some bright colors in the flowers! Leave a comment and let me know what color and style your brdesmaid dresses will be, and what kind of bouquet you will be pairing with them!