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Wedding Tasks You Can Do From Home During Coronavirus

What a crazy year. The Governor of Virginia yesterday (March 30, 2020) laid down a stay home order for the next seventy days. So if you are at home, and you probably should be, here are some wedding tasks you can do from home now, while flattening the curve.

If your wedding is in 2020…

Seven Wedding Tasks You can do from Home now

Make a group portrait list for your photographer. I recommend breaking this into pre-ceremony (first look, couple, wedding party, immediate family) and post-ceremony (a handful of large group photos – extended family, usually.) Make sure you ask your parents to weigh in here.

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Work on your play and do-not play lists for your entertainment. If you have a band, obtain their song list and work through it according to their preferences. If you have a DJ, work on a list of your top 20 must-play songs, and a do-not play list of any length. In either case, you can also send your special dances – first dance, parent dance(s), etc, if applicable.

Map out your final payment due dates. This might be in flux while you move your vendors around, but this is a good time to put all these tasks on your calendar, if they weren’t there already. It’s also wise to note other deadlines with your caterer, your floral designer and other wedding partners that vary based on your head count.

Confirm your guests’ addresses. Make sure you have all your guests’ addresses are up to date, especially if you are going to be sending any additional correspondence. This is also a good time to add email addresses to your guest contact database.

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Update your registry. Especially if you have already had any ancillary events where you received gifts, such as a shower, it might be time to make sure there is good volume and diversity on your registry.

Write thank you notes. This can be for any gifts you have received. But it can also be notes you might give to your parents of wedding party in the days leading up to the wedding. You might also drop a note to someone who has been super helpful to you during this stressful and frustrating time of transition. It would really make their day.

Work on your ceremony script. Here is your ceremony script template.

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If your wedding is in 2021…

Five Wedding Tasks to do at Home now

Build out your wedding website. In addition to all your cute photos, make sure you have times and addresses for your wedding weekend events, your room block links and info, and links to your wedding registry. This is also a good place to detail the desired attire for your wedding weekend events as well as parking and other transportation ideas. Still need to figure out your wedding room blocks? Talk to the guru. Don’t know what I am talking about? Here is what you need to know about wedding hotel room blocks.

Lock in high-demand wedding pros. Certain wedding pros can only do one event per day: hair and make up artists, officiants, entertainment, photographers and videographers. If you haven’t hired these folks, do so. 2021 is going to a busy year with quite a few 2020 couples moving into the space and also needing to hire these folks! Oh, and you should hire a wedding planner or at least a “day-of coordinator.”

Earn miles for your online shopping. You want miles for the honeymoon and you can’t do retail therapy in person. I use this with Delta, I’m sure the other airlines offer this. You can install a browser extension that tracks when you shop at certain sites and you can earn miles this way.

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Book your hotel rooms for the wedding weekend. Consider where you and your betrothed will stay the night before, and the night of, your wedding, and any shoulder dates therein!

Update your calendar. Input payment dates for all vendors, but also important dates such as: minimum and final head counts for your caterer; final changes to the floral designer, and rentals.

I’ll be honest, I’m mentally taxed and don’t have a cute way to wrap this up. But if you have questions, please contact me. I am happy to help anyone who needs it.