Work From Home Gift Ideas - funny and practical

Work From Home Gift Ideas

Last year I did a traditional Office Gifts guide, but I had to modify this gift theme this year, because, well, we all work from home now. And frankly, I hope this work from home stuff sticks around (the kids need to go back to school though!) I get a lot more sleep now. And I drive less, which makes me feel better about my carbon footprint.

If you want to decorate your home office, check out these Christmas and Hanukkah ideas for decor, activities and more.

Work From Home: Practical Gifts

work from home: standing desk  The Original DeskStand

The Original DeskStand. This seems like a pretty legit set up.

work from home:  walnut headphone stand - gift idea

Walnut headphone stand. Because we all use headphones now.

work from home: seat cushion gift - velvet and round

A seat cushion. Because after 9 months, I’ve still not gotten a proper desk chair.

work from home: custom cord organizer gift

Custom cord organizer. Because (1) don’t touch my stuff and (2) RoomRater hates home office cord violations. (I wrote a post on how to get a high roomrater score. Tl;dr: get a plant.)

WFH: Funny Gifts

Another Zoom Call that should have been an Email - funny journal gift - work from home:

This Zoom Call Should Have Been an Email journal. An update for Work From Home from this fun notepad.

work from home: name plate gift - funny, motivational or custom

A funny desk name plate. Motivational ones also available if that’s more your speed. This whole shop is great. And you can have a custom name plate made too.

work from home merit badge - gift idea - stocking stuffer

Work From Home Merit Badges. These might actually motivate me.

work from home:  Funny mug - 2020 one star review gift idea

Everyone deserves a new funny mug. And let’s be honest, you’re buying your own white elephant gift this year.

I wish this gift guide was longer. What have been your go-to items for work from home? What have you been thinking is lacking in your home office set up? Send me a note and I’ll see if I can find it for you. And if you need to shop now, I recommend the Etsy Christmas Shop.

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