Gifts for Pets and Pet Lovers

Gifts for Pets and Pet Lovers – Updated for 2021

Nothing is more fun to shop for than gifts for pets and pet parents. At least, for me, being a pet parent myself who is completely obsessed with her dogs. My clients love their dogs too.

Gifts For Pets

Pet Accessories

gift for pet: faux leather collar

Gorgeous faux leather dog collar. And a gorgeous dachshund.

gift for dog: reindeer snood hood

Reindeer dog knit snood. This shop has a bunch of different options, not just reindeer!

blue dog bandana - Hannukah dog bandana - Happy Challah Days

This local DC artist makes all sorts of fun dog bandanas.

gift for pet: elevated minimalist wooden pet bowls

Elevated minimalist wooden pet bowls. This are so chic and luxe.

handmade braided dog tug: dog gift idea

Handmade dog tug toy These pulls really do work well, even with very destructive dogs.

dog gift idea: chic squeaky dog bone toy

Chic squeaky dog bone toy. Because most dog toys are hideous looking.

Cat Furniture Gifts

Wicker cat house.

cat gift idea: modular wall furniture

Cat Furniture for cat lovers. This is a modular system and you can buy as many pieces as make sense for your space.

cat gift idea: chic side table cat hammock

Scandinavian side table with a cat hammock. This shop has other cool cat furniture options.

cat gift idea: modern wall shelf

Modern cat shelf. I wish my dog would sleep on a shelf above my bed, and not on the pillow where rests my head.

Dog Bed Gifts

Modern pet hammock. Because no one really wants to lay on the hard ground all day long.

pet gift idea: chunky knit pet bed

Chunky knit pet bed for dogs, or cats.

chic, modern dog bed - pet gift idea

Chic modern dog bed. Comes in different sizes!

Gifts for Pet Lovers

gift for pet lovers: custom pet portrait

Custom pet portrait. If you know someone who recently got a pet, or recently lost a pet, this is a very thoughtful gift.

gift for pet lovers: custom pet pillow

Custom pet pillow portrait. If I had kids, I would have pillows of all my dogs so that they could squeeze the sh*t out of the pillow and leave the dog alone.

gift for pet lovers: custom pet mug

Carved and personalized pet mug. These mugs are carved and sort of 3D which is really cool too.

gift for pet lovers: custom pet Christmas ornament

Custom Holiday Pet Portrait Ornament for pet lovers. I’ll buy almost anything in a hoop.

gift for pet lovers: custom pet Christmas stocking

Custom Dog Stocking.

gift for pet lovers: custom pet Christmas ornament - wooden and laser cut

Custom wooden dog Christmas ornaments.

gift for pet lovers: matching sweaters for pet and human - multiple colors

Matching sweaters for the pet and the parent. Many color choices!

gift for pet lovers: canvas treat bag for dog training

Canvas treat bag for dog training.

gift for pet lovers: dog breed tea towel

Dog breed tea towel. I love tea towels.

Kitschy Kitty Cat Umbrella - gift idea for cat lady, cat lover

How about this Kitschy Kitty Cat umbrella for the cat lover in your life.

I wrote a round up of Christmas and Hanukkah decor ideas, and some funny and practical Work From Home gift ideas, if you’re still shopping. And if you need to shop some more, I recommend the Etsy Christmas Shop.

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