pastel rainbow sassy pencil set

Happy National Pencil Day!

April 30th is National Pencil Day! I know, I know, who makes this ish up? (I think I’ve even said that before) I honestly transitioned to mechanical pencils in middle school and recently realized what I was missing out on! Look at all these sassy pencils! I’m obsessed! Check out all the cool pencils below.

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funny pastel rainbow pencil set

These Southern “curses” pencils are completely adorable. And who can pass up a pastel rainbow set of anything? Not me.

National Pencil Day: shop this sassy, Southern pastel rainbow set 

creative genuis pink and black pencil set

I am particularly partial to the “write drunk, edit sober” message, though – this does not apply to texts, emails, etc.

National Pencil Day: shop this “write drunk, edit sober” pencil set

green grammar pencil set

A grammar themed pencil set is completely on the nose, and I love it.

National Pencil Day: shop this green with grammar set

pink and gold Hustle pencils

If I’m being honest, my word for 2018 is Hustle. Feel free to send me these pencils.

National Pencil Day: shop this pink and gold HUSTLE set

black and blue adulting pencil set

This set mocking adulthood hits very close to home for me. Maybe too close.

National Pencil Day: shop this black and blue inspirational set

awesome rainbow pencil set

There are quite a few “girl boss” pencil sets out there, I like this one the best!

National Pencil Day: shop this rainbow bossy lady set 

sassy pencil set

I saved one of my favorite designers for last. She always has a great line!

National Pencil Day: shop this awesome Neapolitan set

Love Trumps Hate - white pencil set

No explanation needed here.

National Pencil Day: shop this Love Trumps Hate set


vintage pencil sharpener

I wouldn’t conclude National Pencil Day without some pencil accessories!

National Pencil Day: shop this vintage pencil sharpener

cactus pencil pouch

The cactus is having a moment, and I foresee that continuing for at bit. Get your trendy cactus pencil pouch now!

National Pencil Day: Cactus Pencil Case

floral pencil pouch

National Pencil Day: Floral Pencil Case 

graphic pencil pouch

National Pencil Day: Graphic Pencil Case

Click to see some additional awesome pencil case ideas. Or maybe you want to DIY a watercolor pouch. And I’ve got you covered on more cool pencil sharpeners too! I hope you enjoyed National Pencil Day with me!

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