12 Hostess Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for giving thanks and attending parties – not always in that order. I love holiday parties in part because I love to give gifts. I take a lot of pride in the gifts I give, and I hate it when I’m unprepared and I have to bring a random bottle of booze for the party host. (There is absolutely nothing wrong with a thoughtful bottle of booze!) With that in mind, today I am sharing some awesome things I have found on Etsy over the years – some of which I have given with great reception. Enjoy and happy shopping! Oh, and click to see my other Bellwether Ideas.


Hostess Gift Idea: handmade wine bottle stoppers

I have a really boring and matchy set of wine stoppers – that I think I got a decade ago. I’d kill for someone to gift me some of these fabulous handmade bottle stoppers! I guess I’ll have to throw a party.

Shop This Hostess Gift Idea: Vintage Trophy Wine Bottle Stopper


Hostess Gift Idea - sassy cocktail napkins

Some of the best hostess gifts are the most useful (bag of ice anyone?) I love these fun cocktail napkins and I’m sure your party host would too!

Shop This Hostess Gift Idea: Funny Cocktail Napkins


Hostess Gift Idea - Golden Girls celebrity prayer candles

I died and went to heaven when I started searching celebrity prayer candles on Etsy. This Golden Girls set was among the best, but make sure you also search for the Ryan Gosling and Notorious BIG ones too. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one for your party host.

Shop This Hostess Gift Idea: Golden Girls Celebrity Prayer Candles


Hostess Gift Idea - music pun tea towels

Puns. Musical puns. Can it get any better? I submit that it cannot. Your party host will love these. If they don’t, you should find a new friend.

Shop This Hostess Gift Idea: Funny Musical Tea Towels


Hostess Gift Idea - vintage cheese markers

Again in the super useful category – these vintage cheese markers are super helpful so that your party host doesn’t have to stand by the buffet and inform their guests about the cheeses! (But you will find me by the cheese display, let’s be real.)

Shop This Hostess Gift Idea: Vintage Cheese Markers


Hostess Gift Idea - gorgeous cutting board

This cutting board is just so gorgeous, and it is made in Baltimore; just up the highway from me. Now if you really want to win over your party host, bring it with a fabulous hors d’eouvres on it.

Shop This Hostess Gift Idea: Cutting Board


Hostess Gift Idea - letterpress hello notecard set

Moving away from items useful at the party, and to ones useful after the party. Yes, you could give a “thanks” note card set, but I like something a bit more generic and thus useful. How about this letterpress “hello” note card set?

Shop This Hostess Gift Idea: Hello Notecard Set


Hostess Gift Idea - grocery list notepad

I’ve long adored this grocery list notepad from Richie Designs, a pal of mine who lives in Long Beach. This is an interesting and unexpected hostess gift that will spruce up any fridge!

Shop This Hostess Gift Idea: Grocery List Notepad


Hostess Gift Idea - native seed bombs

I cannot be trusted to keep things alive, outside of myself, my husband and my dog. Plants do not survive in my house. But I am so enamored with the seed bomb idea! Even better is that this shop has native seeds for each region of the country. I think a garden-friendly party host would dig these!

Shop This Hostess Gift Idea: Native Seed Bomb


Hostess Gift Idea - tiny planter

Again, don’t bring me a mini succulent in an adorable planter. I will kill that plant. But I have many friends who can manage plants, and this adorable, handmade chevron planter would be right up their alley.

Shop This Hostess Gift Idea: Adorable Mini Planter


Hostess Gift Idea - floral art print

A beautiful floral art print. Need I say more?

Shop This Hostess Gift Idea: Floral Art Print

Hostess Gift Idea - painted rock paperweight

I couldn’t help including this beautiful piece of art -slash- pet rock paperweight. If someone gave this to me as a hostess gift, I would make sure to invite them to every party I ever hosted again, ever.

Shop This Hostess Gift Idea: Painted Art Rock


What do you think? Are you adding any of these to your Etsy shop right now? Which one hits the mark for your party hostess? Did I miss a great idea that you’ve used in the past for a party hostess? Leave me a comment!


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