Awesome Engagement Rings

alternative-engagement-ringsI was wandering around Etsy and I stumbled upon some really pretty, and really affordable engagement rings, so I thought I would share the 16 best that I found. I haven’t been shopping for an engagement ring in about 13 years, so there are some cool new trends to check out! I suggest you get to shopping quickly, since I might buy one or two of these for myself.


I think a pearl solitaire is such a classic, vintage ring. I’m totally in love with this.

Shop this engagement ring: Antique gold pearl solitaire 



The explosion of raw gemstones is fascinating and intriguing to me. These aquamarine rings are so super cool looking!

Shop this engagement ring: Raw aquamarine and silver ring



Is aquamarine too bold for you? How about a raw diamond!!

Shop this engagement ring: Raw diamond engagement ring 




Full disclosure, I have no idea what a black diamond. But what I do know is that it is hot as heck!!

Shop this engagement ring: Modern black diamond solitaire



Like I said, I find these black stones to be sexy as all get out. And this one is just bigger and better!

Shop this engagement ring: Black onyx engagement ring



We are getting a royal wedding in 2018, so maybe you are into the most famous royal ring in modern history!

Shop this engagement ring: Oval blue sapphire halo engagement ring



I am intrigued by this pale blue topaz. If you already have your engagement ring, maybe this is a killer “something blue” right hand ring?!

Shop this engagement ring: Blue Topaz round engagement ring 



If light blue isn’t your thing, how about this sweet peach morganite solitaire?

Shop this engagement ring: Morganite solitaire engagement ring 



A classic solitaire with pretty baguettes will never go out of style. And this white sapphire won’t put you into debt!

Shop this engagement ring: White sapphire round engagement ring 



“d never heard of moonstone before and I’m now dying to see it in real life.

Shop this engagement ring: Rose gold moonstone pear engagement ring




Opal is my birthstone, so an opal ring holds a special place in my heart.

Shop this engagement ring: Antique gold opal ring




There are a bunch of these minimal rings on Etsy, and I like how they look alone, and how they look stacked! Maybe you can accumulate one per year!

Shop this engagement ring: Pear diamond minimalist engagement ring


This Etsy artist has some super cool minimal rings, and I’m digging this inset ruby style.

Shop this engagement ring: Minimalist ruby engagement ring



If I’m being honest, I often care more about the setting than the stone. And this setting is so unique!

Shop this engagement ring: Art Deco minimalist diamond solitaire engagement ring




This estate ring style is basically one of a kind, and I’m obsessed.

Shop this engagement ring: Vintage white gold ring 



I adore this art deco twist on a solitaire halo! You gotta click through to see the close up of the band too!

Shop this engagement ring: Rose gold art deco engagement ring



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