Gifts for Small Kids - babies through kindergarteners

Gifts for Small Kids – Updated for 2021

Last year I put 64 gifts for kids into one post, covering babies all the way up to teens. This year my initial round-up is really only for babies through maybe kindergarten.

Gifts for Baby Kids

gift for kids - night owl onesie bodysuit

Night Owl onesie. I mean, of course.

gift for kids - knit baby booties

Knit baby booties! So freaking adorable.

gift for kids - colorful origami crane mobile

Colorful origami crane baby mobile. Why aren’t there mobiles for adults? I want a mobile.

gift for kids - custom  wooden family figurines

Custom wooden family figurines. I love that this could be expanded over time.

Black Girl Rag Doll. This is just so precious, and perfect for any child.

gift for kids - big stuffed whale

Big stuffed whale. This whole shop is great, and not everything is huge.

I’ve never seen anything like this collection of stuffed woodland creatures and I’m obsessed.

Gifts for Tiny Kids

gift for kids - tie dye pajamas PJs

Tie dye pajamas. Do these come in my size? (Spoiler alert, I found a version, you will find them in Gifts for Her 2020.)

gift for kids - wooden animal toys   - Montessori

Wooden animal toys. These are so cute! But also maybe a little too small for tiny babies?

gift for kids - crayon name set

Crayon Name Set. For kids who can hold things in their hands. They will just take our word for it that it says their name.

gift for kids - wooden tea set.

Wooden tea set.

lillypost - subscription box - kids books - gift for kids

Lillypost is a subscription box for kids books. You can pick ages 0 – 7. And for every box shipped, Lillypost donates a book to a child in need.

Gifts for Small Kids

gift for kids - alphabet of ocean creatures - art print

Alphabet of ocean creatures. For kids who are starting to read!

gift for kids - dinosaur wallpaper

Dinosaur wallpaper. I feature this last year because it is so awesome. I am still trying to figure out where I can put it in my house.

gift for kids - baby romper - adjustable shoulder straps

Baby Romper! The shoulder ties mean that your kids can grow with this a little bit.

gift for kids - wooden giraffe wall hook for kids room

Wooden Giraffe wall hook. Because why have a boring hook when you can have a cool hook?

gift for kids - metal fox wall hook for kids room

Metal orange fox wall hook.

gift for kids - rainbow wall hanging for kids room

Rainbow wall hanging. And a second rainbow wall hanging option.

Kids apron. Good for boys and girls.

Wooden stacking rocks playset.

Gifts for Smedium Kids

gift for kids - DIY fabric crown pattern - girl empowerment

Another DIY – this time a fabric crown pattern.

gift for kids - marbled colored pencils - stocking stuffer

Marbled Colored Pencils. At virtual school there are no rules about pencil color. (Kidding, kidding, I am sure there are rules)

gift for kids - beginners watercolor kit - kids craft activity

Beginner’s watercolor set.

Suitcase dollhouse - traveling dollhouse - tiny dollhouse - gift idea for kids

A dollhouse in a suitcase! A travel-sized dollhouse!

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