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Happiest of anniversaries to MB and Chris! They are celebrating their 4th anniversary today alongside with their new baby boy! You can click to see all the photos from their Orkney Springs, Virginia destination wedding. You might be wondering what […]

When I worked on Mary Beth’s older sister Kate’s wedding I immediately fell in love with their whole family. I could not wait for Mary Beth to start planning her wedding (P.S. she was single at the time.) Mother of […]

If you are a believer in organized labor, like I am, then you should consider giving unionized venues and suppliers your business when you’re planning a special event in Washington DC. Not every supplier category has this option, but here […]

I was looking at an older wedding, maybe a 2011 one, the other day and the bridal bouquet was just so beautiful and classic. It was white with green and I wondered if it was my first bridal bouquet in […]

I believe that the decade ends on the 0, and not the 9, but I seem to be in the minority with this opinion. But that is besides the point, I suppose, since I am still inspired to look back […]

Happy Father’s Day! I’ve been lucky enough to work with some really sweet dads – and a few of them more than once! Today I’m sharing the stories of 4 dads who I’ve been able to work with at least […]

I am revisiting my Trusted Tips video¬†today, produced in conjunction with The Dandelion Patch and Bowen Films. In the video, I mention 4 situations where my past clients most appreciated my professional advice. Please check out my earlier posts on […]

Upon writing this post, I realized that this wedding needs to be blogged, put on my website and posted to FB, as this was one of my best nights/weekends ever. Why? Well first, it was my second wedding with the […]