Peabody Library wedding green and white bride bouquet

Bridal Bouquets: 2018 Real Weddings

The bridal bouquet is one of my favorite details at a wedding. It should be a stunning work of art, as it will be in almost all of your photos. You should consider not only the colors and flower types, but also the size, shape and texture the bouquet.

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This boho beauty was my favorite of the year. Give me all the King Protea. I was thrilled with the shape and size G went with as well.

Purple Bridal Bouquets

Purple continues to be a very popular color for bridal bouquets. You will see purple make an appearance later in the “colorful bouquets” section. I love how different these two bouquets are, despite being similar in color palette. Again, size of blooms, shape of the bouquet and the texture can make all the difference.

Colorful Bridal Bouquets

I love colorful flowers – they make everyone at weddings smile. Here we have, from top to bottom, a sexy and moody bouquet, a bright and cheerful bouquet and a cool and chic bouquet with a wide range of colors. Each perfectly suited the bride, I think.

Carnegie Science wedding bride bouquet red sexy
Jeff Simpson Photography ~ Crimson and Clover
Love Life Images ~ LynnVale Studios

Pink Bridal Bouquets

Pink is on it’s way out – JUST KIDDING. The color pink will always be classic – from blush and bashful to bright fuschia, you see it all here.

Westin Hotel wedding VIrginia - pink and white bride bouquet
Steven and Lily Photography ~ Bouquet made by the aunt of the bride


When the wedding features two grooms and no brides, I work closely with the floral designer to make sure their boutonnieres are thoughtful, mini works of art.