Peabody Library Wedding blue shoes

Wedding Shoes: 2018 Real Weddings

I can say with certainty that people put a lot of thought into their wedding shoes. Who can blame them? This is an item you will likely wear again, and is a place where you can continue to express your personality and values.

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Wedding Shoes: Something Blue

I love the shoe being your something blue. Love love love it. And these velvet shoes are just slaying me. I am so obsessed.

Wedding Shoes: Glam

Copper is still on trend, and the shoe industry has caught on, thank goodness. But also, I love those glitter heels. And those strappy, silver sandals – you know A was comfortable on her wedding day!

Carnegie Institute for Science wedding copper shoes
Jeff Simpson Photography
Procopio Photography

Wedding Shoes: Classic White

You can’t go wrong with a classic white pump, am I right? Lace and texture was clearly the winner in 2018.

Wedding Shoes: Two Grooms

Of course, many women (and some men) bring a change of shoes – or two! – to the wedding. I think this is a good idea if you are wearing uncomfortable shoes to start. Or you could just wear comfortable shoes the whole day – I recommend this! You will be on your feet for close to 6 hours, just be comfortable!

Wedding Shoes: Change in Plans

Which of these wedding shoes are your fave? What are you going to wear on your wedding day? I wore white, though I tried to find a coral pair but was unsuccessful. Looking back, I sort of wish I wore blue. I can’t remember what my something-blue item was!

I hope you are enjoying these round up posts from our 2018 weddings. I have a bout a dozen more to write, so please keep checking back over the next 4 weeks.