Real At Home Wedding: Courtney & Cameron

I was so excited to be hired by Courtney’s parents to help with Courtney and Cameron’s wedding! We had about 4 months to do everything, and all we had was the date and the location – Courtney’s parents’ home in Fairfax, Virginia. This was my first Mormon wedding, so I was looking forward to learning about their marriage customs and traditions as well as plan a fabulous summer backyard wedding. We brought in a dream team of Design Cuisine, Holly Chapple Flowers and Skyline Tent Company, along with the uber-talented Michelle Lindsay to document it all.

The wedding weekend didn’t start out too great, with a historic Derecho (a thunderstorm with hurricane force winds) ripped through Northern Virginia, damaging equipment that had been installed in the backyard earlier in the week. But this team of amazing wedding vendors rallied, worked through the night, and you could not tell that anything was not as originally planned. Thanks to the storm, the Temple didn’t have power, so family members had to carry Courtney’s grandmother up the stairs to get to the ceremony, and the ceremony itself was lit by candlelight. You can’t tell anything was wrong in this gorgeous photos though!

The backyard reception was a bit hot, and we had some no-shows thanks to the storm and subsequent power-outage, but it was a festive celebration nonetheless. We had mouth-watering food, stunning decor and Cameron’s brother kept the dance floor packed all night with his DJ talents.

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bride-at-home-wedding-fairfax-virginia-Bellwether-Events-3 wedding-bouquet-at-home-wedding-fairfax-virginia-Bellwether-Events-4at-home-wedding-fairfax-virginia-Bellwether-Events-5 umbrellas-at-home-wedding-fairfax-virginia-Bellwether-Events-7reception-at-home-wedding-fairfax-virginia-Bellwether-Events-9table-at-home-wedding-fairfax-virginia-Bellwether-Events-10at-home-wedding-fairfax-virginia-Bellwether-Events-11drink-stand-at-home-wedding-fairfax-virginia-Bellwether-Events-12post-ceremony-drink-at-home-wedding-fairfax-virginia-Bellwether-Events-13clear-top-tent-at-home-wedding-fairfax-virginia-Bellwether-Events-8 fruit-at-home-wedding-fairfax-virginia-Bellwether-Events-14

The following vendors worked their tails off on this Virginia wedding, and I would not have wanted anyone else on my team after that extreme weather situation. And just a few short years later, almost all of us got back together for Courtney’s sister Mackenzie’s wedding!

Photographer: Michelle Lindsay
Wedding & Design: Bellwether Events
Catering: Design Cuisine
Flowers: Holly Chapple Flowers
Tent and Lighting: Skyline Tent Company

Invitation: Smock via The Dandelion Patch