Video Game Birthday Party: The Welcome

For the next week I’m so excited to be sharing this video game themed kids birthday party with you! I spent just 2 weeks working with this family to plan this birthday party but I am super thrilled with the result! The birthday boy, who was turning 9, requested a video game truck for his party. We took that activity and expanded to a “Game On” video game theme with a strong Pokemon component, as that is the birthday boy’s favorite game.

One thing to remember to do when you’re throwing a party is to take a family photograph! This is a great opportunity to pause and document the moment. Schedule the party photographer to come 30 minutes before the start of the party so that you can take these photos before the celebration begins. Many thanks to Deb Lindsey for all these great pictures!

I find that the front door is a great spot for your first spot of party decor. I love hanging a sign or banner or wreath on the front door to set the tone for the birthday party! I worked with Fig. 2 Design to create all these fabulous graphics and signs.

We used the foyer to greet the birthday party guests with a beautiful floral arrangement from Elegance & Simplicity, as well as a staging place for our Pokemon party favor bags and the Pikachu balloons that we gave to the kids at the end of the party.

How will you welcome your guests to your birthday party? How will you decorate your front door and set up the foyer to best suit your party needs? Leave a comment to let me know!

Linens from DC Rental.