Pokemon Video Game Birthday Party: Lunch Table

Today I’m showing off the birthday luncheon tablescape for this party. Have you seen my previous two posts about this birthday party, about the welcome decor and the video game truck? Please check them out! I’m particularly proud of this party design, as I personally selected each item on the party table. I find that planning a party for a boy can be challenging since a designer is probably not going to include flowers, which are a common component in table decor. The birthday boy’s mom wanted the birthday cake to be the centerpiece of the table, so I designed to make the rest of the table a bit more flat so that the cake would truly stand out. I achieved this by laying multi-color paper fans (from the party store) out like a table runner.

I used a flat paper from Paper Source to create the placemats, and a Minecraft wrapping paper for the napkin rings. Our main color palette was primary colors: red, blue and yellow, which you can see are the dominant colors here, despite colors of the rainbow being included overall. The tablecloth and chairs came from DC Rental.

I got these awesome Pokemon plates from the UK via Etsy; as well as the poke-balls, which I filled with party store Pokemon party favors, which the kids enjoyed playing with at the party. I also made the “Pika-peeps” and attached them to the crazy straws and added a party blower to round out the birthday party table design.

How awesome is this Pokemon cake? Fancy Cakes by Leslie, in Bethesda, absolutely killed it. Kids and adults alike at the birthday party were in awe of it. Check back next week when I show you the cake a little bit more.

Have you ever attended a birthday party with a really cool tablescape? What was your favorite component? Leave a comment, and check back tomorrow where I show off the luncheon buffet!

Many thanks to Deb Lindsey for these great photos! Catering by Occasions.