Lessons Learned: Restroom Trailers

Not a super sexy Lessons Learned today, but important nonetheless. If you are going to have restroom trailers at your wedding or event, you likely will want to spruce them up a bit. You might want to put some nice paper hand towels, some lotion, a scent diffuser, mints, or even a full amenity basket, if space allows.

But there is something else to consider, especially if it is raining outside, and that is the floors. If your event is going to be rainy and wet, then you should throw some bath mats onto the floor of the trailer. You might not be able to fit them in the stalls (due to door height,) but having a couple by the sinks is a good idea, to avoid slipping by your guests.

Bonus tip: I use the restroom mirrors as a place to hang a small sign reminding the wedding guests of the shuttle bus schedule for the evening, if there is one.


wedding restroom trailer


Lessons Learned is a recurring series about the little and sometimes not so little things I learn at each and every wedding. Even after 14 years and 200+ weddings under my belt, I still learn something new at each one!