Lessons Learned: DAR Wedding flow

I recently had a couple get married at DAR. We had the ceremony outside on the Portico, the cocktail hour in the O’Byrne Gallery, dinner in the Library, and then dancing back in O’Byrne. While overall the wedding was absolutely flawless, what I learned from watching the event unfold with this flow was that I needed a lot more table top space and a lot more seating in O’Byrne once dinner was over. Guests needed a place to stow their personal items while dancing, or enjoying the ice cream sundae bar and coffee station.

Photo by Lisa Boggs

Lessons Learned is a recurring series about the little and sometimes not so little things I learn at each and every wedding. Even after 14 years and 200+ weddings under my belt, I still learn something new at each one! 

DAR wedding first dance