Glen Echo Park Ceremony balloons

How much does a Balloon Arch cost?

glen echo park ceremony wedding balloon arch

I recently created this colorful balloon arch for the Cuddle Up Pavilion at Glen Echo Park for their Rentals Showcase. I love the retro vibe at this wedding venue so much, I wish I worked here more often. I really enjoyed picking out the color scheme for the balloons as well as the aisle runner with the mid-century bow tie pattern.

glen echo park ceremony wedding balloon arch colorful
glen echo park ceremony wedding colorful balloon arch

While I was at the event, someone asked me how much the balloon arch would have cost, in real life. I thought it would a perfect topic for a blog post. So here you go!

Balloons, honeycombs and other supplies for the arch – $250

Estimated cost to rent the structure that I attached the balloons to – $300

6 hours spent building in advance and assembling on site – $600

Rental van to transport the items – $100

All in, about $1300 for the retro balloon arch. Which is pretty much on par with what many of my clients spend on their wedding ceremony decor. And I think you get a lot more bang for your buck with these colorful balloons than you might with the same budget for florals – I don’t think you could cover an arch so fully at that cost.

glen echo park ceremony wedding welcome table

I also created a “welcome table” similar to what you might see at a vintage amusement park wedding ceremony, complete with appropriate and themed snacks and drinks, ceremony programs in the shape of tickets, and a welcome sign written on on vintage carnival game buckets.

I am supremely grateful to the other wedding pros who helped me wit this project: Petals and Promises, Deb Lindsey Photography, Something Vintage Rentals (pillows and rugs,) Perfect Setting Rentals (bamboo chairs,) Meant To Be Calligraphy and Talk of the Town Events (milk jars.)