Lessons Learned: Glass charger plates

Often times a wedding reception table setting will include a charger plate, sometimes also called a base plate. If so, the first course will be set down on top of this plate. When guests are done eating the first course, typically the base plate is removed with the first course plate. Occasionally a client will want the base plate to remain on the table through the entree course for aesthetics purposes. Recently a client decided to keep their glass charger on the table under their china dinner plate. A small number of the dinner plates were so hot, the charger plates cracked right down the middle as they sat on the table under the dinner plate and got hot from the dinner plate.  No one was hurt and the breakage was considered an acceptable loss, but it was an odd and less than perfect moment of an otherwise fantastic day.

Photo by Katie Stoops. Wedding of Studio DIY founder Kelly Mindell, planned by Bash, Please.

Lessons Learned is a recurring series about the little and sometimes not so little things I learn at each and every wedding. Even after 14 years and 200+ weddings under my belt, I still learn something new at each one!