Wedding Attire Advice

Let’s be honest, dressing for a wedding as a guest can be challenging. First, there are often many logistical challenges: will you be inside or outside or both? Will you have to make a long walk at any point? How will the weather (hot, cold, wet, windy) impact these logistics? You need to do your homework. Call a bridesmaid or the mother of the bride or groom and get the answers to these questions. And don’t wait until the last minute, they will have a lot on their plate in the final week – make a plan to reach out shortly after you receive the invitation. You can also check the couple’s website, hopefully they offer some details there. As a final resort, you can look up the venue on Google Earth to get a literal idea of the landscape.

Second (and possibly worse because there is so much room for interpretation,) are the dress code words often passed onto wedding guests to try to help guide them how the hosts would like you to dress for the wedding. “Black Tie” is fairly well known and understood, but everything else has so much room for interpretation. Luckily for you, and me, my friends over at The Black Tux are here to help! Check out their handy guide below! And if you are looking for a sweet rental tux, keep them in mind! My clients rave about their experiences with them! The Black Tux isn’t only working with wedding parties now; they can dress guests attending special events! And for the ladies who need access to fabulous attire, I strongly recommend Rent The Runway. I personally have used them for business and personal functions. And many don’t yet know that they have brick and mortar locations in a few cities, including DC, where you can try items on in person!


wedding style attire guide