Blue Marble/Agate Linen from BBJ

BBJ Blue Marble Agate trend linen


I am obsessed with marbling as a theme or design element for weddings. I think it is so beautiful and classic and also different. I first noticed marbling as an emerging trend at the National Stationery Show in New York City in 2014, and it has only gained momentum since. (As an aside, I often notice trends and patterns at NSS, which allows me to predict what is going to be popular in the following year or two. Last year I totally foresaw cacti and unicorns as the new trends!)

As proof of the fortitude of the trend, design leader Oh Happy Day is selling these awesome marble paper plates and stationery stalwart Minted offers these beautiful wedding invitations. I think marbling will continue to grow as a trend because it has not fully infiltrated the wedding industry yet. I occasionally see it in stationery and on cakes, but this is the first table linen I’ve seen it on and I am blown away. BBJ Linen has really outdone itself here. I am completely in love with this linen. I want it to come in all the colors – gray, lavender, blush, nude, and black and white, to name just a few. How about a pastel rainbow for a bridal shower or kids party? I hope BBJ will come out with  more colors! Though, this is a pricey linen, about double what my clients typically spend, and it is a bold look. You might consider using it as a statement piece on just a few select tables, like your cake table or head table; or on the bars.

In DC we have a lot of museums and historic properties that host weddings, so there is a lot of marble already at these weddings. I think marbling as a design element would fit in really well for these DC weddings, no matter what overall vibe you are going for. A classic look would be gray and white. A glamorous look would include a metallic or two. A modern look would include geometric shapes and a bold color like black or forest green. A girly event would feature fluffy flowers and shades of pink and yellow. A whimsical design would include jewel tones. The options are endless.

In the marbling trend family is the agate (or geode) trend. This has been growing in popularity over the past 12 months or so, mostly seen in escort cards, place cards, cakes and stationery. It marries well with the marbling trend, since it is another natural element with a similar look. If your wedding is going to  be all about natural elements like greens and wood, then agate will fit in nicely.

Do you like the marbling or agate trends? Would you use them at your wedding or milestone event? Leave me a comment and let me know!