Wedding Cake Charms

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The pulling of cake charms dates to Victorian times. These days I see cake pulls most often with Southern-influenced weddings where romance and elegance are top billing. Tiny charms are attached to long ribbons and placed inside the cake. After the wedding cake is cut by the newlywed couple at the reception, bridesmaids, attendants, and anyone else invited by the bride, simultaneously pull the charms from the cake, revealing their fortune for the coming year. This tradition can add some fun and whimsy to your wedding reception while creating another moment that will be ingrained in your wedding memories!

Below is a list of popular cake charms I’ve seen used by my couples over the years. You can also find sets of themed charms (maybe based around your beach wedding, or New Orleans wedding as examples.) Which charms would you pick for your besties?

Meaning of some Cake Pull Charms:
Ring or rings: Next to get engaged
Star: A wish comes true
Kite: a fun and leisurely life
Alligator: Will live the longest
Fleur-de-Lis: Prosperity
Hot Air Balloon or Eiffel Tower: A year full of adventure & travel
Four leaf clover o r Horseshoe: A year of good luck
Stork: Next to have a baby
Heart: New love will bloom
Mask: A big secret will soon be revealed
Chili peppers: A hot new romance is coming
Camera: This year will bring beautiful memories
Thimble: Spinsterhood (who would include this charm?! So mean!)