Pokemon Birthday Party: Video Game Truck

I’m back with more from this Video Game birthday party that I planned last month. Did yous ee my first post about the party welcome? Please check it out!

This was my first experience with a video game truck, although I’d known about them for a number of years. My husband had never heard of a video game truck before and he was wondering if he could get one for his next birthday! Working with Rolling Games Mania was a breeze, and Deb Lindsey sneaked into the gamer trailer to snap a few photos for us!

Logistically, the party guests spent most of the pre-lunch time in video game truck. They played for about an hour, then took a break to come into the house, run around a bit, then went back to the trailer.

What as been your favorite activity from a recent birthday party? Have you ever played video games in a trailer? Leave me a comment below!