Wedding Reception Head Tables | 2017 Round Up

In similar fashion to 2016 weddings, half of my 2017 weddings featured a long head table where the couple would sit with their VIPs. Of course there is one photo I am unable to currently show you, but I hope you enjoy these other wedding head table photos! If you need more info on head tables, in my 2016 wedding round up blog posts, I waxed poetic about wedding head table advice, you should check it out!

Virginia private estate wedding reception barn head table

Lavender, green and white florals by The Pink Poppy at a Virginia private estate wedding (in a barn built for the celebration!) Photo by Lisa Boggs.

DAR DC wedding reception head table

More lavender, green and white florals, this time by LynnVale, at DAR in Washington DC. Photo by Kurstin Roe. Also, my favorite chair.

Virginia private home wedding reception rustic farm tables tent

Rustic orange and green tablescape by Growing Wild, at a Virginia private home wedding. Photo by Heather Ryan.

Hay Adams Hotel wedding reception head table

Hay Adams Hotel wedding reception DC head table candles

White, blue and green florals by Bergeron’s at the Hay-Adams Hotel in Washington, DC. Photo by Steve and Jane.