elegant and timeless Dumbarton House wedding with a Magnolia theme classic black bridesmaid dresses

Wedding Party Fashion 2021

Here we are with the wedding party fashion from 2021. It was the year of blues and black, or so it seems. I included as much as I could here, but recall that we had a high contingent of weddings that did not have any attendants.

Summer Bridesmaids Fashion

While great care was taken to create the above stunning ombre bridesmaid dress look, the show was clearly stolen by the adorable flower girl.

A tuxedo never goes out of style and I love it when a groom sets himself apart with a different jacket!

groomsmen fashion tuxedos
Ken Pak Photography
pale pink bridesmaid dresses
Hay Alexandra Photography
groomsmen blue suits
Hay Alexandra Photography
wedding party fashion:  champagne bridesmaid dresses
Andrew Morrell Photography
shades of blue wedding party fashion
Kurstin Roe Photography

Above, the original plan was to have just the couple’s siblings stand by them – her sister, and his brother and sister. Alas, the bride’s sister caught Covid (delta, probably) and was unable to attend. A friend of the bride stepped up and stepped in, and the whole group in shades of blues still looks stunning!

national museum of women in the arts wedding DC gray bridesmaid dresses
Kir Tuben Photography
blue bridesmaid dresses
Jen Harvey Photography

Fall Wedding Party Fashion

dusty blue bridesmaid dresses
Jenna Leigh Photography
chic black wedding party fashion
Maddy Williams Photography
wedding party fashion: teal blue bridesmaid dresses
Kurstin Roe Photography

Winter Wedding Party Fashion

blue dresses for wedding party
Procopio Photography

Above, the bride and groom asked their respective brothers and sisters-in-law to stand beside them at their outdoor wedding ceremony. The wedding fashion was dominated by shades of blue in both the suits and dresses. Below, a black tie New Year’s Eve wedding with super chic wedding party attire!

Black Tie wedding party fashion
Kurstin Roe Photography

If you want more bridesmaid fashion, I have a roundup of our 2019 real bridesmaids and our 2019 men’s attire.