2016: Real Weddings: Favors

I tell my clients all the time that they do not need to give favors to their wedding guests if they don’t want to, or can’t fit it into the budget. Many of my clients still decide to offer a small gift and today’s post showcases some of those ideas. As a rule of thumb, when asked I will recommend either something edible or a donation to a cause close to their heart in honor of their wedding guests. Most tchotchkes either don’t get taken home or don’t last long in your guest’s home 🙂 What favors from other weddings have you enjoyed? Do you plan to offer favors at your wedding?


There is no shortage of delicious sweets in the DC metro area, including these fabulous macarons which can be color-coordinated to your wedding palette.

When you are at a venue with original, rustic floors, offering alternative footwear as a favor to your guests will be highly popular!

My personal favorite favor: doughnuts! These are always very popular favors with guests at the end of the wedding reception!

These planted olive trees were a beautiful and sentimental wedding favor given by a couple of Greek heritage.

From top to bottom, photo credit: Kurstin Roe, Kurstin Roe, Matt Mendelsohn, Taylor & Ben.