lily of the valley bridal bouquet Dumarton House wedding

Real Bridal Bouquets: 2021 Weddings

I like to tell folks that women at weddings carry flowers because flowers smelled pretty, and long ago, people maybe did not bathe every day, so they needed the extra pretty scents. I have no idea if it’s true or not, but I think it is a good wedding myth. In 2021, most of our brides carried bouquets, and we sure had some stunners, as you will see.

To kick things off, our singular Spring bride carried a petite bouquet of Lily of the Valley, at her micro wedding in DC. She was definitely inspired by Kate Middleton.

Real Summer 2021 Bridal Bouquets

Once vaccines were widely available in early 2021, summer weddings were in full swing. Lots of white and green bouquets as they are classic, as well as white and pastel bouquets for Summer, but my favorites are (no surprise) the bold and colorful ones!

peach ivory green bridal bouquet
Hay Alexandra Photography

Fall 2021 Real Wedding Bouquets

I think people often associate “Fall” with pumpkin orange and apple red. I promise you; there are autumnal color palettes we can use for your bridal bouquet that won’t immediately evoke a pumpkin patch. Nonetheless, Fall 2021 had its fair share of classic white and green, along with pops of color, and two brides who did not shy away from color at all. Yay!

Below you will see our beautiful NYE bride, carrying a most classic and chic white and green bouquet. Perfect for a winter wedding.

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