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Men’s Wedding Fashion: 2018 Real Weddings

I recently realized that I was being totally sexist by not posting groomsmen fashion round ups for the last 3 years. So, I’ve rectified that this year! And I’ve got some really good stuff for my inaugural groom and groomsmen fashion post. Killer socks, custom suits, and more!

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When in Doubt, Go Custom

When you don’t look like you are dressed for your junior prom, you know you are doing it right. Men are starting to wear more color with their wedding day attire and I am Here. For. It.

Men + Sunglasses = Good Groomsmen Fashion

Mixing Up the Neck Wear

A common question I get from grooms is how to make them stand out from their wedding party. The most popular way I see this done is with neck wear and boutonnieres. Pro tip: If you are doing a lot of photos in hot weather before your wedding ceremony, order a second boutonniere for the groom, so that it looks fresh for the vows. It’s a smart $15 investment.

Carnegie Institution for Science wedding groom and groomsmen fashion
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Two Grooms = Double the Fashion

It was not only a total pleasure to work with C & A on their wedding, but having two grooms meant I got to think about certain details a little Differently. I worked closely with Procopio Photography on how we would document their wedding day fashion with the same care and attention to detail as women’s wedding day dresses and accessories are photographed. And, I think we nailed it.