EPIC WEDDING PICS | 2017 Real Weddings

Every wedding has photos that stick with me. Some are obvious as soon as they go onto the camera memory card, and others are a little more unexpected. But I love showing off the beautiful and creative work of the photographers that I am so lucky to work with each year. If you want to see more, in 2015 we looked at my favorite candid wedding photos and in 2016 I wrote 2 posts on favorite wedding details and even more favorite wedding ideas.

Old Town Alecandria http://www.heatherryanphotography.com/

I love this portrait of N & S by Jennifer Gulley. Old Town Alexandria provides the quaint backdrop, and the wind grabbed those bouquet ribbons at the exact right time.

  Hay Adams hotel wedding photo

I will never tire of the classic Hay-Adams Hotel wedding portrait of the Washington Monument in the background. Steve and Jane are so good at dark photos, they were born to make this photo.

 hotel monaco DC wedding photo

We’ve seen the Hotel Monaco DC first look on the spiral stairs photo many times before. But I don’t recall seeing a groom reach back like this and I find it so sweet! But below, you will see his true personality come out while they were taking photos in the National Portrait Gallery.

National POrtrait Gallery wedding photo

 Riverside on the Potomac wedding photo Riverside on the Potomac food truck wedding photo  Riverside on the Potomac wedding photo

AE Landes wins for the best candid photos of the year. The best man looking at the groom’s new ring (top), and then the guest enjoying the ice cream cookie from the food truck at Riverside on the Potomac (middle.) You know you want an ice cream cookie right now! I also love the sweet umbrella photo that looks so sweet and intimate (bottom.)

The Willard hotel getting ready wedding photo

I worked with this couple, and her parents, for 20 months. In fact,the first time I met the parents (of the bride) we went to a 2 hour dinner and band showcase – it was quite the “get to know you” event. Thankfully, I loved them all and it was a delightful time together. When I saw this photo by Kurstin Roe, I almost died. It makes me so happy.

Virginia private home same sex wedding photo  Virginia private home same sex wedding photo

Heather Ryan was working hard to make photos on this hot and humid July day when everyone just wanted to stay inside the Virginia home, where this wedding was taking place. I absolutely love hwat she captured.