2016 Real Weddings: Parents

In 2016 I was privileged enough to work with some really fantastic parents of the brides and grooms. I was so pleased when reviewing the photos from my 2016 real weddings to find these delightful pictures capturing their personalities as well as their deep, deep love for their children and their new son- or daughter-in-law.

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Above, Linda and Bob give a rousing toast to their daughter Jackie and new son-in-law Marc at the American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore.

Above, MOB Susan hugs her daughter Brooke at the DC War Memorial. Below, FOB Pat escorts Brooke down the aisle at the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Robin and Andy walk Leslie down the aisle for her outdoor wedding at Daughters of the American Revolution.

Below, Amy spends a moment with her daughter Dana shortly after Dana slipped into her wedding dress at Hotel Monaco, DC.

Above, Kate is walked down the steps at Riverside on the Potomac with her mom, Nancy. Below, her dad (who has limited mobility) awaits her arrival so that he can formally escort her down the aisle.

Stephanie and her dad take some time in the limo on the way to Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral.


Photo credit, top to bottom: Kurstin Roe, Matt Mendelsohn (2), Stephen Bobb, Susie & Becky, Carly Romeo (2) and Taylor & Ben.