Just putting it out there…

As hokey as it may sound, I believe that if you verbalize your desires and goals, they have a better chance of coming true. Example: In January I started telling anyone who would listen that my foster dog Prince would be adopted in 2011. And after 14 months of foster care, he was adopted in early February.

Side note – I began writing this list in May, and put it aside. It is now October, and time to start thinking about 2012. Here we go….

So here are some other things I’ve been thinking about…
I want to plan a lobster bake wedding or rehearsal dinner
I want to plan country wedding complete with boots and a band
I want to plan a rock n roll wedding (yes I love music – did you see my bio?)
I want to work at AVAM again (and again and again and again)
I want a client to hire Euphonism for their wedding
I want to plan an upscale picnic wedding with awesome boxed lunches
I want to help someone plan a kick ass marriage proposal
I want to plan a Pink Flamingo wedding
I want to plan a Rat Pack wedding
I want to learn from Jesi Haack
I want to work with Jennifer and Saundra and Ashley and Amber (for a week/weekend – I’m not moving!)