James and the Giant Peach: Stationery Suite by Kathleen Burlew

I hope by now you have checked out Weddings Unveiled and the Garden Party shoot I styled on pages 62-65. I had been thinking about a James and the Giant Peach themed “wedding” for nearly a year, but when the time came to execute, I was coming up blank on ideas for the stationery suite. So I really put everything in Kathleen Burlew’s hands. She came up with a slightly preppy, slightly minimalistic stationery set that I am over the moon about. Using a combination of digital printing, watercolor and calligraphy, there is no mistaking that Molly + James are planning a wedding that is influenced by the Roald Dahl classic.


Thanks again to Weddings Unveiled for featuring the photos by Cyn Kain!

Vintage postage from Verde Studio via Etsy.