I love: A guestbook contract

I was inspired by the wall-sized contract that Willy Wonka has the children sign when they enter the factory. Luckily Nikia and Andre were into my “guest book contract” idea too. It was designed and printed by the wonderful Two Brunettes.

The text reads:
Little surprises around every corner, but nothing dangerous, don’t be alarmed! Standard formal contract, you wouldn’t begrudge us a bit of protection, a smidge? Whereas the management cannot be help responsible for any happy accidents, joyous incidents, loss of inhibition, or frowns or scowls and whereas for damage caused by hugs, kisses, handshakes, head pats, back rubs or affection of any sort, kind or condition, consequently the undersigned take responsibility to smile, laugh, high five, fist bump, sing, dance, eat, drink and thoroughly enjoy themselves at the wedding of Nikia and Andre.

Photos by the super-talented A Britton Photography