Wedding guest book custom drawing art idea

13 Wedding Guest Book Ideas

There are certain questions that all of my couples ask me during the time we are planning their wedding together. A few are about guest books. First, they ask “Do I have to have one?” (No.) Second, “What do you recommend?” The second is harder question to answer on the fly, because this can be a cool element of your wedding that goes on to live in your home for many years to come. So today, for the inaugural post of Bellwether Ideas, I am going to share some favorite ideas for your wedding guest book.


wedding guest book idea wine barrel top

With the rise in popularity of vineyard and winery weddings, I’m seeing wine barrel tops being used as an item that your wedding guests can sign, and you can take home and cherish after the wedding day. You could also use a wine barrel from a favorite vineyard, even if you aren’t marrying at that venue.

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wedding guest book idea bourbon barrel top

Maybe wine isn’t your thing. That is OK! You can also get a bourbon barrel top for your guests to sign!

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wedding guest book idea wooden monogram initial

Monograms are always a classic idea. This wooden art piece would look lovely in your home after your wedding.

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wedding guest book idea vintage postcards

I’ve had multiple clients use postcards for their wedding guest book. If you want them to be sent to you should address them to your home, and stamp them. You can then allow guests to take them home; to fill out and mail at their leisure. Or you can have wedding guests complete them that night, and task someone to collect them and later mail them to you at their choosing. I’ve also had couples create a photo album of sorts for the post cards.

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wedding guest book idea vintage book

Some couples want to keep with the tradition of a book, but want something a little more interesting and useful than a traditional wedding guest book. Enter the coffee table book, where your guests can sign in the margins. You can pick a book about anything – where you are marrying, where you are honeymooning, where you met, etc.

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wedding guest book idea custom art

Over a decade ago, it was common to take a large format print of your engagement photo and have your guests sign a mat around that photo. I love this modern take on that idea. Who wouldn’t love a custom drawing, including their pets, with love notes from their wedding guests!

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wedding guest book idea watercolor skyline art

Watercolor is a growing trend in weddings right now, and I love this watercolor skyline art idea! Maybe couples look for ways to incorporate the city where they marry (or the city where they live) and this wedding guest book print is a great idea!

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wedding guest book idea watercolor

And sometimes a couple wants to pay homage to both of their home states! Still using watercolor, this design is so pretty!

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wedding guest book idea thumb print art

I’ve been seeing thumbprint guest book ideas for more than a couple years now. I love this print because allows your guests to escape your wedding without any ink on their fingertips!

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wedding guest book idea thumb print


But many couples do still opt for the original thumbprint style of wedding guest book, allowing their guests to put their unique mark on the poster!

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wedding guest book idea library theme


In DC and in Baltimore there are two fabulous libraries where you can host your wedding. Which means I often have a book or library theme to work with. This is a cute poster for that kind of wedding!

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wedding guest book idea platter plate


This is actually what I had at my wedding 11 years ago – a platter that your guests can sign, and after the wedding you “cook” the platter to bake in the ink. This is a great way to go home with something that can be super useful! Just make sure you have enough space for all of your guests – this platter is recommended for 50 guest signatures.

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wedding guest book idea shadow box


This shadow box is an option that allows your wedding guests to write you a longer note, since they will have a slip of paper.

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What do you think of these ideas? I hope you found something that you like. For those already married, or getting super close to the big day: what did you use, or are planning to use, for your wedding guest book?

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