2016: Real Weddings: Bridal Bouquets

Not much better than a stunning bridal bouquet, am I right? I’m so thrilled to share these beauties with you – almost all of my 2016 real wedding bridal bouquets! I’m organized them from April to October, so you can get a sense of how blooms that make up the bouquets can change throughout the seasons.

Flowers: Poppies, anemonies, ranunculus,

Bouquet: LynnVale; Photo: Carly Romeo

Flowers: Anemones, garden roses, spray roses, peonies, hydrangea

Bouquet: LynnVale, Photo: Matt Mendelsohn

Flowers: Calla lilies, ranunculus, lily of the valley

Bouquet: Holly Chapple Flowers, Photo: Susie & Becky

Flowers: Peonies, ranunculus, stefanotis

Bouquet: B Floral, Photo: Taylor & Ben

Flowers: Dahlias, hydrangea, green dianthus, stock

Bouquet: LynnVale; Photo: Kurstin Roe 

Flowers: Peonies, succulents, anemones, air plants, calla lilies

Bouquet: Crimson & Clover; Photo: Kurstin Roe

Flowers: Dahlias, amaranthus, wax flower, ferns

Bouquet: WestVirJeni; Photo: Pangtography 

Flowers: Dahlias, berries

Bouquet: LynnVale; Photo: Stephanie Dee 

Flowers: Dahlias, garden roses, seeded eucalyptus,

Bouquet: LynnVale; Photo: Stephen Bobb

Which real bouquet do you like the best? What will your wedding bouquet look like? Leave me a comment and let me know!