Palms Springs Inspiration with Rent The Runway: Spring

When I first learned about Rent The Runway, I was so excited. I am not someone who wants to buy a bunch of pretty and pretty expensive clothes that I can only wear 1 – 2 times a year. I’m just a bit of a minimalist. And I’m also pretty cheap, so there’s that. I immediately realized RTR had great potential for weddings. Both for guests and bridesmaids but also for certain brides, Rent The Runway has a huge range of options! I was so inspired, I reached out to RTR to see if they would partner in an inspirational photo shoot aimed at promoting their dresses for brides and their maids. They said yes! Yay!

Originally I just wanted to do a flamingo-themed photo shoot. But as the scope of the photo shoot grew, so did the inspiration – into an overarching Palm Springs/mid century modern theme. I guess that means I still need to do a flamingo-inspired photo shoot. As I started to flush out my ideas, and comb through their incredible inventory, I realized that I couldn’t limit myself to just one photo shoot – I had to do four! As I found the dresses I loved, I paired them up as bride/maid, and sorted them into the four seasons. But how could I swing such a massive idea? Instead of full-blown concepts, I shrunk them to mini-shoots without tablescapes or a lot of accessories. This would allow us to do it all in one day. Most importantly, I had the best vendor partners a designer could ask for: Katie Stoops Photography, Holly Heider Chapple Flowers, Carola Myers MUAH, and Fig. 2 Design.

I was so excited to find these two models for this project. They were so great to work with. We put them through the ringer – 4 outfits, 4 hair styles, 4 make up looks in the span of about 10 hours. I mean, look at me, making them hold popsicles, without eating them! But seriously, they were so great, all day. I hope you enjoy what we came up with, I’ll be sharing it over the next 4 posts.

Welcome to SPRING! I picked dresses with two similar styles which incorporated fun prints and would be perfect for a flowy, outdoor wedding! RTR also provided these killer statement necklaces that raise the level of the look. In lieu of bouquets, we went with tropical floral hair pieces.

We borrowed great glassware from Liquorary and Fig. 2 made some fun escort cards that looked great on that retro astroturf.