Pippa Middleton’s Wedding

A little late  on this post, but I wanted to offer a few thoughts on the released Pippa Middleton wedding photos.

The dress

The first thing I noticed was the fuller skirt on her wedding gown. Its been a while since I’ve seen a majority of brides wearing a fuller skirt. I wonder if she will reset the trend with this. I also feel that all lace dresses have been on the decline for a year or so (I saw them taking off in 2009 and hitting their peak in 2014) so maybe this will pick that trend back up as well.

The flowers

I am inclined to say that my initial response to her her bridal bouquet “awww” as I love how its very similar to her sister’s. But I do think it is too small. Maybe I am just conditioned by American weddings and flowers for American weddings, but it just looks undersized to me.

But look at those other florals! You can see them a little bit in the background of the photos, and they are simply stunning. This white, ivory and pale pink color palette is timeless, as we know.

The kids

And while I love these kids, and how adorable they all look (short pants always and forever for little boys), can I also enlist Kate Middleton to wrangle them at my clients’ weddings as well? No? OK, then I’ll {generally} pass on the hockey-team-sized kids party in the wedding ceremony.