DAR DC Wedding February on the balcony

DAR Weddings: Through the Seasons

I was looking at photos from our most recent DAR wedding ceremony, and I noted the turning of the leaves on the trees by the Terrace. So I thought it would be fun to show the trees behind the Terrace as the seasons change throughout the year.

Over the seventeen years I’ve been planning weddings, I’ve noticed that March and November weddings are becoming more and more common in the DC area. This tracks because the weather in those months is becoming more and more mild as climate change goes unchecked. Spring is arriving earlier and earlier. And it is staying warmer longer in October, which means the autumnal leaf change happens later.

As it currently stands, July and August are not considered peak months for DC area weddings. This is because of the heat, and many couples wish to include some sort of outdoor element in their wedding celebration. Which do you think which will join them as seeming too hot for outdoor celebrations, late June or early September? The two most popular wedding dates in the country in 2024 are mid-September, according to the Knot/WeddingWire.

DAR Wedding Winter Season:


DAR DC Wedding February on the balcony

Whole Heart Studios 2022 – their ceremony was at a church!

DAR Wedding Ceremony Spring Season:


DAR DC wedding April outdoor ceremony

Stephen Bobb 2022


DAR DC wedding May outdoors

Matt Mendelsohn 2016 – the ceremony was in O’Byrne here, due to rain.

DAR Wedding Ceremony Summer Season:


DAR DC wedding June outdoor ceremony on the terrace

Kurstin Roe 2017

DAR Wedding Ceremony Fall Season:


DAR DC wedding September ceremony outdoors on the terrace

Kurstin Roe 2019


DAR Wedding DC October wedding ceremony on the portico

MK McKenna 2011 – a light rain moved us under the portico.

DAR DC wedding ceremony October outside on the terrace

Stephen Bobb 2016


DAR wedding DC November wedding ceremony outside on the portico

Lisa Boggs 2014 – a light rain moves us under the portico. I think my record is 98 chairs set up here.

DAR DC Wedding November on the balcony

Genevieve Leiper 2019 – they moved their ceremony to the Pennsylvania foyer due to the low temps.

DAR DC wedding November terrace ceremony outside

Astrid Photography 2023

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