Happy 6th anniversary J&J!

Not only was this one of Bellwether’s first clients, but Jessica and her mom later referred me countless clients (some, in turn, referred me even more clients), and really helped me grow to where I am today! Their kick ass photographer Andrea Jacobson had recommended that they reach out to me, and I am eternally grateful for her confidence in me back then. I will never forget Jessica and Jim’s first dance, which included the Thriller choreography, nor how the bustle was messed up and we were cutting the layers of crinoline so that it didn’t peek out from under the dress. This was also where I learned all about the sabre arch for the first time – knowledge that I’ve carried with me since. I love this couple, I follow along with them and their 2 sweet boys on FB and  I’m so glad I could be a small part of their wedding day!

The Observatory - Bellwether Events - military groom