Bellwether Events: Nats Park Headshots Photo Shoot

Nationals Park Styled Shoot

I was trying to figure out how to spend some money on the business, to offset my tax liability a bit. Courtney had this amazing idea of doing headshots at Nats Park. The problem was, she had this idea in mid-August. We had a choice of just a few games left to go to for the photos. It was too late in the year to do a night game, as the sun would set and Deb could not bring lighting into Nats Park. It ended up having to be the last game of the season, which is a 3 pm game. That worked in our favor because it was a 3 pm game and not a 1 pm game like a normal Sunday game.

We had just wrapped up 10 events in 6 weeks. We were tired. I still had one more wedding to in that stretch, the following Saturday, and then we would have a break until mid-November.