Megan + Long: Modern Urban Wedding

The Showroom DC Wedding

Megan and Long were my friends first, my clients second. When they got engaged, I helped them with their plans, but they didn’t need much help – they had a vision, and they had the skills to handle most things on their own. They would ask me the occasional question, but they were pros, even planning their DC wedding from their home in Brooklyn. They picked a venue that wasn’t even open yet, but it was slated to open 6 months before their wedding date, so we felt good about that. Until we didn’t. We got word in July that we needed to find a new venue. Well, as Long put it so perfectly in a note to me later, I came in the 7th to pitch a 3 inning save in Game 7 of the World Series. Man, he knows me. We toured 6 new places within 2 weeks, and had everything planned anew in about 6 weeks. It was an adventure! And I think we ended up where we were supposed to be.