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Welcome to my Ultimate Guide to DAR Weddings in Washington DC! Daughters of the American Revolution weddings are some of my favorite weddings to plan. This DC wedding venue is just simply spectacular. It is in a great location in […]

Last year I did a traditional Home Gift Guide, but there are so many new homeowners this year (thanks to low interest rates, stability in white color jobs, and the need for a larger space due to WFH!) I thought […]

Get the free eBook now! * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name The Elegant At-Home Wedding A Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Hosting a Sophisticated Wedding… Right in Your Own Backyard by Janice Carnevale […]

The biggest challenge, I think, in the wedding industry is that the engaged couple is constantly asking “what does it cost?” And they won’t know what anything costs without procuring a proposal from a provider. This can be an inefficient […]


I am behind the eight-ball this year in getting this post out, but I hope you will find the wait worth it. This is my annual post to discuss real wedding data from the previous year’s weddings. This is obviously […]

I do love the end of the year, as it allows me the perfect opportunity to look back and look for trends in my work. Looking at the most popular blog posts from 2019 was fun and somewhat surprising. I […]

In addition to Event Management, we offer two other sets of services to engaged couples. You can book 1, 2, or all 3 services, depending on the level of help you want or need from your wedding planner. EVENT PLANNING […]